paint / draw

I always thought that one of the

reasons why a painter likes

especially to have other painters

look at his or her work is the

shared experience of having

pushed paint around.


– Chuck Close, Painter


The Grandparents
The Grandparents

Acrylic paint except for the skin tones which were done using wax colored pencils.

Coming To A Museum Near You
Ooh La La Gioconda
I Loooove New York
E=MC Squared
Antiguitiy's Dream
Paisley Forrest
Au Naturale
Portrait In Junkmail
Willie Nelson
Sorting The Psyche
Dream Lover
A Child Shall Lead them
He Said, She Said: Diptych, panel 2
He Said, She Said: Diptych, panel 1
The Faces of Alzheimers
He Said, She Said
Hey You, Get Outta My Head
Study Of A Male Face
Study Of A Female Classical Face
Ink Study of Male Face

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